Past shows 2007

These shows are presently archived on our old site – when you click the links, you will see the difference. It will take a lot of work to transfer all 120+ of them to the new format. In the meantime, we hope that this will not be too much of an inconvenience.

‘Have Yourself…’
Group show
7th to 23rd Dec 2007

Craig Andrews
2nd Nov to 2nd Dec 2007

‘The Thinnest Door I’ve Ever Sold’
Helene Appel, Anna Gudjonsdottir, Simon Logan
7th to 28th Oct 2007

My Eye Travels
Vineta Kaulaca
7th to 30th Sep 2007

embracing dis/assembly
Nick Davies
20th Aug to 4th Sep 2007

Abstract Continuous (new paintings)
Tom Owen
20th Jul to 12th Aug 2007

Hazard All
John Wallbank
15th Jun to 15th Jul 2007

The Stowaway
Cees Krijnen
18th to 27th May 2007

The Shampoo
Will Cruickshank
18th to 27th May 2007

11th to 16th May 2007

Group show of Swiss and UK artists curated by K3 Zurich
20th Apr to 6th May 2007

The Melancholy of the Everyday
Ramin Haerizadeh
16th Mar to 15th Apr 2007

Hold Onto Your Ego
Noon Day Demons
2nd to 11th Mar 2007

Mummy Loves Daddy (new paintings)
David Ben White
25th Jan to 4th Feb 2007