past shows 2013

8 November – 1 December

JAY CLOTH and KATE LYDDON, ‘Schadenfreude’
4 October – 3 November

studio1.1 at Sluice Art Fair
19 & 20 October

Hoefkens & Hannah, ‘Dungeness’
17th September – 22ndSeptember

‘Hey! Narcissus’
Nigel Grimmer, Aindreas Scholtz, Stephanie Moran, Kirsten Glass, Christopher Bond, Sarah McNulty, Virginia Verran, Glen Wild,  Claudia Bose
9 August – 15 September

Michael Armitage and John Tiney
‘Myth and Market’
12 July – 4 August

‘Painting Over’ (part II)
Deborah Gough, David Micheaud, Robert rush, James Ryan, Paul Savage and William Stein
14 June – 7 July

Transit 6
Justin Hibbs
11 June

John Summers and Lyle Perkins
17 May – 9 june

‘…even CLOUDS…’
James Ryan, David Micheaud, John Summers, Richard Bateman, Robin Seir, Clare Price, Howard Dyke, Gill Ord, Marcus Cope, David Ben White, Glen Wild, Sarah McNulty, Vanessa Jackson, John Dougill, Alan Magee, Robert Rush,
Richard Ducker,
Christopher Bond, Will Cruickshank
18 April – 12 May

‘TEN out of TEN’
Craig Andrews, Yves Beaumont, Marcus Cope, Gill Ord, Tom Owen, James Ryan, Kate Lyddon, David Small, John Summers, David Ben White.
21 March – 7 April

7 – 10 March
Kate Lyddon, Will Cruickshank, Keran James, Richard Bateman, Matthew Herring, Alex Bowen, Euan Stewart, Stuart Barnes, Christopher Bond, Nigel Grimmer, Patrick Galway, Daniel Devlin, John Hughes, Stephen Harwood, Nick Dawes and Laura Morrison

Transit 5
5 March
Nick Dawes

4 March 6 – 9pm
with Hugh Jordan, Chie Konishi, Theo Price, Samuel Stevens, Jenney Richards, , Nima Esmailpour, and the collective H+Corp.

‘What is a Gallery Good For?’
5 – 10 March
a series of events pointedly not answering the above

‘Modern and Compact Atmosphere’
8 February – 3 March
with Guy Rusha, Neil Clements, Philip Seibel, Bradley Grievson, and Tom Owen

Transit 4
‘A Post-colonial Object for the
Transmission of Beach Culture to London’
An Installation by Inbal Strauss

Tuesday, 19 February

Tuesday 5th February

‘This Year’s Model’
Members’ Show

4 – 27 January 2013