Past shows 2005

These shows are presently archived on our old site – when you click the links, you will see the difference. It will take a lot of work to transfer all 120+ of them to the new format. In the meantime, we hope that this will not be too much of an inconvenience.

All For Show
Curated by Lee Campbell
1st Dec 2005

untitled: demo
Phyllida Barlow
21st Oct to 20th Nov 2005

wall drawing
Vanessa Jackson
9th Sep to 9th Oct 2005

fuck off
Darran Leaf
15th Jul to 14th Aug 2005

little by little
Anna Boggon
3rd Jun to 3rd Jul 2005

Jefford Horrigan
29th Apr to 29th May 2005

Untitled (Palimpsest)
Jordan McKenzie
18th Mar to 17th Apr 2005

Jo Longhurst
4th Feb to 6th Mar 2005