Noon Day Demons ~ 2 to 11 march 2007
studio 1.1
london e2

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  Hold On To Your Ego

In the second in the series of studiovisits @ 1.1, we are pleased to present a show by the Noon Day Demons, a collaborative drawing project.

Noon Day Demons are:

Sophie Baker
Matthew Carver
Oli Perkins
Simon Rattigan
Dai Roberts

"The Noon Day Demons are five artists with an international background, all based in London. The group came into being in early 2006 with the intention of exploring collective unconscious and uniqueness through the medium of drawing. The spirit of the demons' collaboration is one of interference and distraction from the discipline of individual practice. The first steps to define the activity were simply to have no defining rules, allowing the dynamics of the group to evolve a process and identity.

The progress of the drawings is via a loose system of exchange and interaction between the group members in the form of meetings at each others' studios. The swapping of drawings is largely on a random basis, during these meetings. They also provide an opportunity to discuss and reflect upon the current images. The drawing activity is largely produced in private and anonymously. Each person's visit to a drawing adds a new layer, either complementing or provoking the next participant. As the process continues a consciousness of styles and imagery develops, contributing to a heightened awareness for the next instalment. The works are produced over long periods of time and in essence never finish, just brought to a point where nobody has anything more to add. There is always the possibility of returning to an image however, adding a renewed interest after a visit which had been taken to a point of exhaustion.

Nobody is precluded by previous expertise and experience in their ability to contribute. Drawing offers a direct and intuitive expression of creative thought, with the potential to work off the cuff and at any place or time. A form of image making that seeks to combine the influence of the observational while tapping into the imagination to create an hallucinatory experience of intersubjectivity."

For more information or images contact:
Michael Keenan on 07952 986 696