allsopp&weir ~ 11 - 16 may 2007
studio 1.1
london e2

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Performance of Indefinite Articles, Sunday 13th May, 7pm.

Curated in collaboration with Ellen Mara De Wachter.

Studio 1.1 Gallery presents allsopp&weir’s first solo exhibition in London. The exhibition includes new video, sound and performance work, shown together for the first time.

From the ruins of language, the artists present inadequate means: fragments, allusions and strivings, which are impelled to absurd speeds and thresholds through a logic of repetitive cruelty.

The video Some Time Repeating (Fascists, Thieves, Traitors) (2006), is structured around shots of a ruined sign in an otherwise empty landscape. Its soundtrack, spoken by Gertrude Stein, alludes to the potential ordering of history and human behaviour through repetition.

…And While We Were on Air (2005) edits together all of the breaths from two months of BBC news broadcasts. Newsreaders hyperventilate, on the verge of speech, cursed to endlessly repeat the interstitial gasps of their daily performances.

A new sound piece repeats the words of its title, Whenever I Stop to Breathe In, until it becomes impossible for the exhausted voice to continue.

Machine #1 (2007) will be presented as a video projection. Part of a new series developing an idea of language machines, it draws on previous work dealing with language learning processes. In Machine #1, a voice emanating from or being interrogated by a pulsing, jittery light, drifts in and out of sense, caught in an anxious, stuttering process of subjectification.

Indefinite Articles (2006) is a live operatic performance of indefinite fragments from The Communist Manifesto sung to the vocal part of Schoenberg’s Erwartung. The singer’s voice shifts between the organising metre of a past performance, the now of the slogans, and the stretch into an uncertain future.

Notes to editors:

allsopp&weir are Paul Allsopp and Andy Weir.
Education: MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London, 2007

allsopp&weir have exhibited widely in the UK and internationally, including: ‘Gold’, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria (2007); ‘It’s Just Bread’, Alma Enterprises, London (2007), ‘Zemos98’, Seville (2007); ‘Video Art London’, Tokyo Wondersite, Tokyo (2007); ‘First Sudden Gone The One First Sudden Back’, Project 133, London (2006); ‘Arsenal: Artists Exploring The Potential Of Sound As A Weapon’, Alma Enterprises, London (2006); ‘Showroom’, Art 37 Basel (2006); ‘London in Six Easy Steps’ at the ICA, London (2005); ‘The Artist with Two Brains’, MOT off-site project, Birmingham (2005); ‘Pilot: International Art Forum’, London (2005); ‘Loop Video Art Fair’, Barcelona (2005, 2006).

Collections: Ernst & Young

For more information or images contact:
Michael Keenan on 07952 986 696 or
Ellen Mara De Wachter on 07957 336464