Honorary Patrons: Sacha Craddock, Vanessa Jackson

studio1.1, an artist run, not for profit space began in April 2003 with no particular battle-plan. We have evolved with a range of shows as diverse as possible, presenting artists at any stage of their career, from any country, in any discipline.

Our commitment is to the work itself, and to fostering the three-way relationship between artist, artwork, and viewer; looking for what Cage, in another context, called ‘the quality of encounter’. Art isn’t a distraction, or an act of consumption, but a relationship.

‘Art attempts to evoke something that you are not yet. Entertainment only talks to that person that you are now.’ (Richard Foreman)

Keran James
Michael Keenan


Thursdays 12 – 5pm, Fridays 12 – 6pm, Saturdays 12 – 6 pm, Sundays 12 – 5 pm
or by appointment

Past members of the collective: Anna Boggon, Andy Cohen, Tom Chamberlain,
Julia Defferary, Flora Fairbairn, Ron Meerbeek and Gill Ord.

studio1.2 Haarlem, Netherlands: www.ceeskrijnen.com/contacts.html
studio1.3 Poços de Caldas, Brazil: Facebook page
studio1.4 Susak, Croatia: www.studio1-4.com

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Braziers International Artists Workshop  and
SUPERNORMAL Experimental Arts and Music Festival


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