Nick Davies ~ 20 august - 4 september 2007
studio 1.1
london e2


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  embracing dis/assembly

Open every day, 12noon - 6pm.
Opening party: Wed 22 Aug, 6-9pm / Closing party: Tues 4 Sept, 6-9pm.

Broadly speaking, galleries have shows. An opening means the work will be in place, and what the last visitor to the exhibition sees is that same view, the work still there. Either side of that, the putting-up and taking-down remains invisible; either a part of the gallery mystique or a behind-the-scenes artisan activity that's nothing to know or bother your head about, like the preparation of the meal and the washing-up.

To begin its Autumn season, studio 1.1 welcomes a new graduate from Winchester, whose work -  his working in the gallery - will turn the whole of that procedure inside out. In a process of making and unmaking that will extend over the fortnight, always open to the public, with time drawn into the equation too the confusion between process and product is momentarily resolved: here they're exactly the same thing. Overlapping with the previous show, Tom Owen/Abstract Continuous, they will begin by emptying the gallery and then begin to fill it again. The official opening, two days later, will display the early stages of that transformation. From then on their work will spool out, a continuous line of development in which work will be brought into the gallery or made there, the gallery itself may be physically changed, until the point is reached where the process goes into reverse. The work is removed and the gallery becomes simply itself again. By the time of the closing party the gallery is empty; though changed, as always, by what it has passed through/ has passed through it. Over time, space has been altered and then replaced just as it had been. As a spectral reminder of these events, projected images of the fortnight's activity play as a marker of an experience that has passed.

studio 1.1

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Michael Keenan on 07952 986 696