David Ben White ~ 25 january to 4 february 2007
studio 1.1
london e2

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  'Mummy Loves Daddy' (new paintings)

Studio 1.1 is delighted to inaugurate an occaisional series of informal exhibitions with a showing for two weeks of new paintings by David Ben White.

Since showing with us in October last year, David's work has taken an exciting new direction, which we would like to share and celebrate.

While within the skewed anthropomorphy of pigeons, wigs and ice-cream sundaes of his last work a sensuality was always implicit, not least in his handling of paint, now it becomes unavoidable (and where do we look?)

Somewhere between Disney and Kinsey, these restrained semi-abstractions suggest a half-understood adult realm. As though Picabia's son had stumbled upon him and Udnie in flagrante.  An unreliable witness, uncertain what he's seen, yet intuiting pleasure.

They inhabit a proto-lapsarian world on the borders of Eden as sensuality slides towards shame. Haptic passivity shades into guilty action as we reach out to prove the sensations we see. Awareness of self puts an end to innocence.


The idea of studiovisits@1.1 is to give an opportunity to artists to show and get feedback on work they have very recently completed and to enable the public to get a first hand view of new work before it becomes part of the slow grind of the mainstream exhibition timetable.

Some artists will naturally prefer to wait for the perfect exhibition. But for others perhaps keen just to see what the new work looks like in a different context, or to know what a smaller but selected audience might think of it, these shows will provide an interim situation between the rigours of a studio visit and the artificiality of a full-blown exhibition (or vice versa).

And for the viewer it will provide a more intimate glimpse of the work and thought-processes of the artist. Bringing to the surface that often submerged triangle of communication between artist/audience/gallery.
Exploiting in particular our gallery's ability to respond rapidly to exciting new work, giving immediate access to new ideas and directions, including discussions and/or presentations by the artists themselves.

You are invited to come to what we hope will be as much fun as the best private views but with a far better chance of seeing the work.

That is after all why we all do it.

Studio 1.1

For more information or images contact:
Michael Keenan on 07952 986 696