Cees Krijnen ~ 31 may to 10 june 2007
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  The Stowaway

Open Friday to Sunday, 12noon - 6pm, or by appointment.
Launch of CD single: Tuesday 29th May, 6 - 9pm.

Studio 1.1 is proud to be connected once again with the continuing project of Dutch artist Cees Krijnen (b 1969) with the UK launch of his cd single 'De Verstekeling' ('The Stowaway').

In 2003 we presented a small retrospective of Cees Krijnen's work up to that date, all of which arose out of the extraordinarily acrimonious 17 year divorce battle fought by his mother Greta Blok. Cees worked with a wide range of commercial enterprises to create a whole range of accessories for Greta's new single status. This included a personalised glossy magazine G-Blok, fashion shoots of the designer "Battledress", a Cartier perfume, a golden Suicide Pill, domestic central heating, and bespoke dildoes. In this process, the actual journey from a life of misery to a life in the spotlights is magnified as an aim in itself. The divorce came through in 2002, putting an end to The Woman in Divorce Battle on Tour, which won Krijnen international acclaim.

Last year in connection with the Rembrandt Anniversary he was invited to mount a satellite exhibition in Leiden of pictures of Greta alongside Rembrandt's portraits of his own mother. A version of this show travelled to the Institut Neerlandais in Paris.

Meanwhile, while Krijnen was on tour with his mother  in a production of Hamlet (of course), his stepmother suddenly reappeared. This led to a dramatic public confrontation, after which the stepmother brought charges against the artist for making verbal threats. Fully in keeping with his oeuvre Krijnen decided to make this the basis for a song, proposing to write his own tearjerker, to be sung by the Dutch diva Frederique Spigt.

In August 2006, Krijnen was invited to submit a ten-page article to the international art magazine NoNameMagazine (Milan). Krijnen decided to devote the entire article to a depiction of his song in the making. This edition, weighing 1.9 kg, came out at the end of February 2007.

By the end of November 2006, a demo version of the song had been completed, entitled De Verstekeling. Mastering followed in March 2007. The song is now being plugged and distributed. De Verstekeling has been played on Dutch and Belgian radio and will soon be available for €4.95 in record shops and via www.legaldownload.nl.

Translation of 'The Stowaway'

The boy is 15 years of age when his dad deserts
He clings on all the tighter to his mother's skirts
HIs father finds a second wife, while Greta stays with Cees
The first wife has a true heart, a vixen takes her place.

The captain of a ship is often absent on the seas
Can a captain be a father? Explain that one to me please.
His child ends up a stowaway in the life of such a man
What's the choice? A son's no voice to make a different plan.
The stepmother haunts the pavement on the lookout for her prey
When Cees arrives she spits and snarls, decency stripped away.
'Your mother is a bitch, Cees', echoes far and wide.
Your art's one raw material - 'tis the bitch you hide behind.

She vomits all her bile till she almost drives him wild
But just in time speeds off and he's left like a little child.
A lonely child on his own now in the glimmering moonlight
He turns and heads for home and bed in the silence of the night.  

studio 1.1

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