Past shows 2012


‘This Can’
Giorgio Sadotti
7th – 30th December 2012

‘Red & Bull’
Heeryung Hong, Hanna Kim, Jangyeun Jun, Jina Lee, Juyoung Lee
28th November – 2nd December

‘… a new world calling…’
David Micheaud
2nd- 25th November 2012
Jake Clark
20th November

Susak Import
12th – 13th November

The Ultimate Self-portrait’
Cees Krijnen
5th – 28th October

Transit 1 – ‘Headmess’
Alex Lawler
23rd October

‘New Romantic’
Christopher Campbell
7th – 30th September

An exhibition of young Brazillian artists selected by Marcelo Abuchalla
17th August – 2nd September

’30 Artists 30 Days’
30 Artists
10th July – 12th August

‘Life is my Best Friend
Gasper Jemec
13th June – 8th July

New Paintings
Clare Price
18th May – 10th June

Work of Art
The Oxford School of Drama
8th – 12th May 2012

‘Sight Unseen’
Yves Beaumont
13th Apr – 6th May 2012

‘Swing Time’
Will Cruickshank
30th Mar – 8th Apr 2012

William Stein
6th – 28th Mar 2012

‘Rear View Mirror – Public Art and Politics’
Illustrated talk by Cherry Smyth
15th Mar 2012

‘Out of Sight’
Craig Andrews
3rd – 26th Feb 2012

Fundraising initiative – donated artworks on sale
19th – 29th Jan 2012

Two-day live-writing event
Ron Meerbeek
16th & 17th Jan 2012

A celebration of his life and work
Denis Glaser, 1932-2011
15th Jan 2012

‘Boutique Hook’
Joshua Raffell
6th – 14th Jan 2012

‘Something Sweet, Something Tender’
Curated by Robin Seir
2nd & 3rd Jan 2012