HOOT ~ 20 april - 6 may 2007
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  A group show of Swiss and UK artists curated by K3 Zurich

Josh Blackwell, Anna Boggon, Stefan Burger, Marianne Engel, Clare Goodwin, Tom Huber, John Hughes, Sara Mackillop, Danielle Mourning.

"The works selected for Hoot are like the separate components of a single conversation circulating around cultures of collecting. Individually they reveal the diverting and very specific possibilities of communicating contemporary concerns via props from the past. Together, were they to speak as one, the noise might crack the gallery glass, for Hoot is not a borrowed hat that will fit every head – it is a sensibility, a conceptual mite picked up in some junk shop or other, tunnelling between these works at will.

Whether Hoot is defined as an onomatopoeic warning call (from birdland or yesteryear’svehicular thoroughfares) or a linguistic device that negotiates us neatly aroundthe unidentifiable or improper (‘What a hoot!’ or ‘I couldn’tgive a hoot’), it can be applied to the least significant of matters andthe most dramatic turn. Hoot speaks of a peculiar brand of Englishness that isat once exclusive and yet reflective of a cross-cultural state – belonging."

Rebeccca Geldard

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