Past shows 2010

These shows are presently archived on our old site – when you click the links, you will see the difference. It will take a lot of work to transfer all 120+ of them to the new format. In the meantime, we hope that this will not be too much of an inconvenience.

Beyond Fontana
Group show curated by Stephanie Moran
3rd Dec 2010 – 9th Jan 2011

‘suddenly I am nowhere’
Craig Andrews, Sam Douglas, Tom Owen,
Isidro Ramirez, James Ryan

5th – 28th Nov 2010

Lucy Conochie
8th – 31st Oct 2010

‘Big Dress Shop’
Stephanie Moran
10th – 12th Sep 2010

Don’t fill My Head with your Subversive Nonsense
Marcus Cope
6th – 29th Aug 2010

HoM 3: ‘Logic Twists Around Itself and Finally Bites Itself in the Tail’
Damian Griffiths
30th Jul – 1st Aug 2010

Observation Post
Nicola Pomery
2nd – 25th Jul 2010

Group show
Canterbury College BA students, Fine Arts
23rd – 27th Jun 2010

HoM 2: As the poet might say "I love you"
Damian Griffiths
18th – 20th Jun 2010

John Dougill
21st May – 13 Jun 2010

‘Give Your Eye Teeth’
Filmmaking students from Kingston University
18th May 2010

No Soul for Sale – a Festival of Independents
studio1.1 in the Tate Modern Turbine Hall
14th – 16th May 2010

Painting Over
Group show
7th – 17th May 2010

‘Parrot Halva’
Clare Price and Howard Dyke
23rd Apr – 2nd May 2010

new paintings from India
Pranab Basu
14th – 18th Apr 2010

In-Thru the Repeat
Jeremy Willett
19th Mar – 11th Apr 2010

HoM 1: Le Salon des Refusés (the fall)
Damian Griffiths
11th – 14th Mar 2010

Richard Bateman, Yves Beaumont
5th – 28th Feb 2010 (Extended to 7th Mar)

Continuous Performances
Kisito Assnagngi, Noah Angell, Louise Colbourne
26th – 30th Jan 2010

Gallery talk
Simon Morley
20th Jan 2010, 3-4pm

Cosmos or Chaos
Julie Umerle
8th – 24th Jan 2010