Past shows 2008

These shows are presently archived on our old site – when you click the links, you will see the difference. It will take a lot of work to transfer all 120+ of them to the new format. In the meantime, we hope that this will not be too much of an inconvenience.

Bacchus And Ariadne
John Wallbank
23rd Dec 2008 – 4th Jan 2009

‘The Damned and the Saved’
Group Show, in conjunction with Standpoint gallery
5th – 21st Dec 2008

Russell Martin
2nd Dec 2008

‘In the Way of Things’
Damian Griffiths
31st Oct – 23rd Nov 2008

London, Berlin: 2005-7
Alexander Bühler
26th Sep – 26th Oct 2008

One Night Stand
Shawnz Neo
18th – 21st Sep 2008

Christopher Page
11th – 14th Sep 2008

Group show
15th Aug – 7th Sep 2008

The Seduction of Space
Sarah Finn, Dominic Hawgood, Louise Taylor, Stacey Yates
1st – 10th Aug 2008

Scotch Corner
Russell Martin
23rd Jul 2008

Men and Motors
Deborah Gough and Jo Wilmot
4th – 27th Jul 2008

The Atom Age
David Ben White
6th – 29th Jun 2008

Full Circle
Eduardo Padilha and Michael Schwab
11th May – 1st Jun 2008

Thrown to the Edges
John Summers
11th Apr – 4th May 2008

‘Travelling Our Way’
John Tiney
14th Mar – 6th Apr 2008

Self Portraits
Russell Martin
5th, 19th & 26th Mar 2008

Yves Beaumont
8th Feb – 9th Mar 2008

The Artist’s Talk
Russell Martin
3rd Feb 2008, 4pm

‘Paradise Now’
Danny Greaney, Hugh McCarthy
31st Jan – 5th Feb 2008

Birds and Houses
Amanda Benson, Andy Cohen
4th to 27th Jan 2008