Appel, Gudjonsdottir, Logan ~ 7 - 28 oct 2007
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  'The Thinnest Door I've ever Sold'

Open Friday to Sunday, 12noon - 6pm, or by appointment.
Whitechapel/Time Out First Thursday: 4th October, 6 - 9 pm.
Private view: Saturday 6th October, 6 - 9pm.

Helene Appel, Anna Gudjonsdottir, Simon Logan

CA collaboration between three artists - two very different painters and a sculptor, from Germany, Iceland and the UK respectively - which will transform the gallery into a place of conjecture where the eye and the brain are teased by works which both in two dimensions and three play with our awareness of the spaces we inhabit - before us, around us, and finally within us.

Is that a painting I see before me? Est-ce que ceci n'est pas une pipe?

For The Thinnest Door I’ve Ever Sold, Anna Gudjonsdottir will make three new zip canvasses. These wall-sized stretched fabrics will alter the gallery, and modify the space to give the exhibition its own architecture and create an unavoidable relationship with the body. The purpose being not so much a physical understanding of painting, more an analysis of its potential to handle external space as direct register for a limitless internal geography. “there is as much space in the individual as outside her. These two spaces can expand equally and without limits.”

Helene Appel will show a large painting, in which seven long twigs and two small clocks are delicately rendered, placed precisely on a large un-primed linen ground. After a time, the soft reflection from the glass of Appel’s clocks begins to reflect back a look, two eyes patiently returning a gaze. In Appel’s work depictions of disregarded fragments of daily life, piles of dust, pre-packed salad leaves, or broken branches for example, are superimposed like faint after-images of abstraction, painterly gesture and pose; the casually flat distribution of these painted depictions is offset by the strict formal complexity of Appel’s compositions.

Simon Logan will make a sculpture that also functions as a seat, underneath which will be a number of partly hidden things. Logan’s work is mainly sculptural, and is concerned with a kind of neurotic relationship between the way things look, and the kind of imaginary object that this can leave behind, long after the looking has finished. The sculptures are constructed as arrangements of things and occasionally images. There is often an ambiguous back and forth between what appear to be complex suggestions of thoughts and visual propositions, and dumb and simple suggestions of resemblance and quick visual equivalences.

The Thinnest Door I’ve Ever Sold will also contain other smaller works by each artist. Singly and in combination the work suggests an implied or hidden activity, a kind of continuing performance in which the viewer is drawn into complicity.

On Whitechapel/Time Out First Thursday the artists will lead into the show by presenting two films, one shot in Hamburg, the other in Bow; two journeys between spaces where art is made and the outside world, evidence of a performative journey and an exploration of landscape. A further alternation of the imagined and the literal.

studio 1.1

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