Annual fundraising initiative and limited edition print

Each year we offer a limited edition lithographic signed and hand-numbered print (strictly limited to 200) for the far from princely sum of £12. Buying the print entitles the purchaser to automatic entry into the draw for our ‘LOTTERY SHOW!’, now in its twelfth year. The draw (which usually takes place in October, on the Sunday of the weekend of Frieze Art Fair) this year will take place on Sunday 19th December. The winner will be given a 4 week slot (to use however they like) as part of the gallery’s programme in 2022.



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This Year’s Annual


(it still isn’t who you know!)

limited edition ticket is by PETER SYLVEIRE



2020′s limited edition A5 ticket was by STEPHEN HARWOOD (below)


2019′s was VANESSA JACKSON (R.A.)

2018′s ticket was ‘Love Birds’ by JAY CLOTH (below)


the year before it was JEREMY WILLETT

and the year before MARCUS COPE


the year before it an iron-on t-shirt image by KERAN JAMES


(last year’s winner was Deborah Westmancoat, who, with Stewart Geddes will be exhibiting in April 2016)

2014′s limited edition was by JORDAN McKENZIE

above ‘Woolworth’s Death Mask’ – the last bag of Pick ‘ Mix bought from Woolworths Bethnal Green branch 06/01/2009

(photo Sean Pines)

(last year’s winner was Paul Carey-Kent, who’s curated show ‘The Combinational’)

the previous year’s limited edition – was by KATE LYDDON ! (below)

This limited edition is still available, however buying it will no longer give you entry into the ‘Lottery Show’ draw.



above ‘A Scene from Sarah’s Social’, lithograph on card with collage, 2013 edition of 500, 21 x 15 cms

Kate’s exquisite, intimate psychodramas of modern life bring the demi-monde to the near mythological. She has exhibited all over the world as well as (naturally) having had several solo shows with us over the years.

below an example of just one of the versions newly collaged and glittered!

below – signature and back of lithograph


Our artist’s edition the year before that was produced by Giorgio Sadotti above, (chosen to provide Tate Britain’s Christmas tree in 2010) who in typical deadpan fashion produced a card (above, as yet un-individuated and unsigned) which was also be numbered by the artist, long-hand – bringing happily into question signature/authorship, the whole idea of an ‘edition’… and unlimited uniqueness.


…and the winning number for our 4th Annual ‘Lottery Show’ was…


The winning ticket was drawn by Modern Language Experiment’s Matthew Stock… the winning artist was ALICE PEILLON! More to come…


This open submission is decided entirely by random selection: and there is a strict limit of 500 entries – the same number as the edition. There will be no judging, there will be no limit upon the type or size of work (entrants are encouraged to be as ambitious as possible). The reference number of each applicant will be the serial number of their print.To coincide with Frieze and the Art Fair season (in its way of course we present this as entirely an Anti-frieze proposition) the winning ticket will be drawn in public in the gallery on the Sunday of that weekend in October 2012. The show will run for four weeks as part of studio1.1′s 2013 programme.
100 per cent of the funds from prints bought will go towards the gallery’s running costs. There is of course no restriction on the number of prints an individual may purchase.It’s a continuing experiment – a small journey into that never-neverland where the playing fields are level and equality of opportunity actually exists (£10 notwithstanding).Last year’s winner was painter Christopher Campbell – his solo show opens on September 6th 2012.
the previous year’s print was by David Ben White (New Contemporaries 2011) below.
REFUND POLICYYou have the right to cancel within seven days of purchase, or seven days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer). If you cancel your order, you will have your payment returned. Any postage incurred in returning the purchase will also be refunded.
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