Thursday 7 March

private view 6 – 9 pm

on World Book Day – a show of work that uses and/or abuses text


Kate Lyddon, Will Cruickshank, Keran James, Richard Bateman, Matthew Herring, Alex Bowen, Euan Stewart, Stuart Barnes, Christopher Bond, Nigel Grimmer, Patrick Galway, Daniel Devlin, John Hughes, Richard Webb, Stephen Harwood, Nick Dawes and Laura Morrison

A show of work that uses and/or abuses text. Work whose genesis is text, or whose means or possibly end is text… How codes are communicated; how they are understood and what is lost in the ether and the either/or….

No art speaks for itself, and it never has done. All of it is enclosed in a cocoon of words, spilling occasionally on to the canvas or photo or sculpture itself, becoming part of the texture. Otherwise, titles range from the obvious to the arbitrary and fanciful. Press releases and reviews can offer useful background information or, more likely, use artspeak jargon to do nothing more than define the work in question as another manifestation of contemporary art, something we might easily have taken for granted from its siting in a gallery.

Sometimes though the title is a crucial part of the story, doing what the pure image can’t, pinning the work securely to a time and place, to a line of complex thought, or even raising a spectral mental image which contradicts the evidence of our eyes.