‘Hey! Narcissus!’

9 August – 15 September

(private views 8  and 22 August and 5 September)


Nigel Grimmer, Aindreas Scholtz, Stephanie Moran, Kirsten Glass, Christopher Bond, Virginia Verran, Sarah McNulty, Claudia Bose, Glen Wild





Called back from the brink, artists who bring the self-portrait into question. A metamorphic dialogue (des sourds?) between Narcissus and Echo. The show, over six weeks will evolve from clear self-absorption to tentative steps back into the real world and away from mythopoeia. Keeping mythopoeia at bay… The transformative vectors between ‘men and women’ personal history and story-telling, autobiography masquerading as fiction and fiction masquerading as autobiography.

(In a digression – There is a case for saying that Jean Santeuil, Proust’s first tryout for arguably the greatest novel of the 20th Century ‘A La Recherche..’ fails not simply because of youth and naivete but because he feels the need to disguise autobiography as ‘fiction’ (for historical personal reasons which are clear) whereas the final masterpiece succeeds precisely for the opposite reason – Proust discovers the modernist sophistication in presenting fiction as ‘autobiography’). Invention as recorded fact – an echo of life.

(all will not be revealed)


abc x Nigel Andreas Stephanie

bcd Andreas Stephanie Kirsten

def x Kirsten Virginia Chris

efg Virginia Chris Claudia

ghi x Claudia Sarah Glen

hia Sarah Glen Nigel