Transit presents NICK DAWES ‘prop/angle/pour’


new painting

artist’s talk 7 pm

Specific rules apply, the object dictates the process. Here colour and text appropriated from the Highway Code relocates itself within the language of high modernist abstraction. The text structures and processes the composition so that the poured lines of paint specifically relate to the formal values of each letter.
Colour is used not as a subjective entity in itself, but as a means within the larger format of the expanded field to layer information and articulate form.
The paint thinned to the consistency of water, stains and separates, colours penetrate and run, diluting the binary opposition between presence and absence so that once solid components dissolve and flow into a vocabulary of fluid entities. Within this system the polarities of order and chance collide. The utilitarian terms normally associated with the instruction manual now playfully reconfigure, generating multiple narratives that dislocate their reading while simultaneously blurring the boundaries between functionality and abstraction.

Nick Dawes, Feb, 2013.

Transit operates as a monthly, one night only event that showcases
artists in discussion with artist/curators David Ben White and Laura
Petrillo. Taking inspiration from the nightly live gig format, Transit
offers artists the opportunity to exhibit work in progress, within a
similar time slot. By actively encouraging an informal approach to the
event, the artists are free to explore possibilities within a public
environment. During the evening, the artists will speak about their
work/approaches to the installation and answering questions.
Transit would like to thank Keran and Michael at studio1.1 for their
inspiration and support for the project.