studio1.1 at Sluice Art Fair – 19 & 20 October


Christopher Bond, Jay Cloth, Kate Lyddon, Gill Ord, Alice Peillon, Joshua Raffell, Giorgio Sadotti, Robin Seir and David Ben White

As a celebration of studio1.1′s 5th Annual ‘Lottery Show’ (the draw for which will take place at Sluice on Sunday 20th at 5pm) we will be presenting large new works by David Ben White as well as work by this year’s limited edition ‘Lottery Show’ ticket commission Kate Lyddon and the winner of last year’s ‘Lottery Show’ draw Alice Peillon. Also on display will be work from members of studio1.1 and from our ART/CONVERTERS! fund-raiser. Apart from our having already shown each of them on many occasions these artists have NOTHING WHATSOEVER in common.


For Kenneth Martin, as for Cage, abandoning the efforts of the conscious  mind for the results of a dice-throw had a profound philosophical basis. For us, pinpointing the effects of chance in the art (as well as of course the real) world is a sincerely meant tongue–in–cheek provocation to the prevailing fad-led atmosphere we struggle to breathe in, putting that parallel world of market-led mediocrity and overnight ‘success’ into a fresh perspective.

Our annual ‘LOTTERY SHOW’ has been drawn each year during the Frieze weekend, offering the chance of a solo show in next year’s gallery timetable for the price of £10 to someone chosen entirely at random.

Tickets (£10 for Kate Lyddon’s limited edition collage/print) are available by clicking on the link below, and will be on sale at Sluice during the weekend.

to buy ‘Lottery Show’ limited edition click here

…all the rest is a mockery…

when will this Frieze hell be over?

(N.B. ticket sales for ‘The Lottery Show’ will end one hour before the draw – which will take place at Sluice at 5 pm on Sunday 20th October)

Sluice Art Fair 2013

12 – 9PM


above last year’s ‘Lottery Show’ draw winner ALICE PEILLON, will be showing at studio1.1 from 8th Nov – 1st Dec 2013