Transit presents INBAL STRAUSS ‘Post-Colonial Object for the Transmission of Beach Culture to London’

Tuesday, 19 February 2013.
(pv. 6-9pm)

I see art as three-dimensional storytelling, and my sculptures as
literary Objective Correlatives – symbolic articles used to convey
inexplicable concepts like emotions and abstract concepts. Using
a “poetic function” as the “top” in a Top-down approach, I reverse
engineer an emotion into a logical mechanism. Then, I alternate to
a Bottom-up approach with which I design that mechanism and
synthesise the different physical sub-system elements that give
rise to the subsequent form of the top-level system.

Usually, I would provide my quasi-functional sculptures with all of
the coherency and idiosyncrasy that constitutes utilitarian
functionality so that they appear self-contained and lend
themselves to a “follow-able” logic or mechanism. Drawing
inspiration from the concept of Transit, I would like to take this
opportunity to “test-drive” a new piece of work which fulfils an
even more abstract function with an even less follow-able

The transit of a physical object or an intangible presence from
one location to another requires the mediation of a mobilisingobject
or other agent-entity. This work will synthesise sculptural
elements, which demonstrate the invisible mechanics (or the
ghost) of a Transit operation in space. Using one sculptural
element as an agent-object – an authorised “extension”, a second
modest-scale sculptural element will expand its presence to fully
inhabit the studio1.1 gallery space; claiming sovereignty over the
territory which is marked by its transit from one point to another -
its space of operation.
- Inbal Strauss, London, 2013.
Artist talk: 7pm

Transit operates as a monthly, one night only event that showcases
artists in discussion with artist/curators David Ben White and Laura
Petrillo. Taking inspiration from the nightly live gig format, Transit
offers artists the opportunity to exhibit work in progress, within a
similar time slot. By actively encouraging an informal approach to the
event, the artists are free to explore possibilities within a public
environment. During the evening, the artists will speak about their
work/approaches to the installation and answering questions.
Transit would like to thank Keran and Michael at studio1.1 for their
inspiration and support for the project.