Surface/Memory ~ 5 - 28 february 2010
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  Richard Bateman, Yves Beaumont

Extended to Sunday 7th March 2010

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 12noon - 6pm, or by appointment.

'Surface/Memory' is an exhibition exploring two contemporary artists' responses to the interior and exterior world with specific reference to the Dutch/Flemish Interior and Landscape traditions.

The show brings together two young painters, one English, the other Flemish who, though they work in very different ways with differing concerns, share a strong geographical relationship with the 'Low Countries'. Deeply familiar with the region's great history of painting and its two seemingly opposed strands of exterior and interior scenes their work gives us here an opportunity to re-assess this tradition, and present it in contemporary terms.                      

Bateman's very gestural art functions by reduction - information is blotted from the painting by rough blocks of colour, the image resolutely reduced to the point where the paint surface can stand in for the space delineated itself. His interiors have the heavy atmosphere of enclosure and intimacy, offset by the actual source of these paintings - the interiors of animal houses at the zoo.

In Beaumont's work the obliteration and layering works in a different way. Living in Oostende, he has a very particular interest in the region's light. The features of the landscape dissolve in paint, as, half-remembered, they flicker in and out of view. Yves Beaumont will be presenting works made especially for this show, in which his lyrical abstractions impose delicate structures upon what might at first seem a featureless horizon.