David Ben White ~ 6 to 29 june 2008
studio 1.1
london e2

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  'The Atom Age'

1) 'The Birth of the Atom', 6 - 15 June 2008
1) Private view: Thursday 5th June, 6:30 - 9pm
2) 'The Revenge of the Atom', 20 - 29 June 2008
2) Private view: Thursday 19th June, 6:30 - 9pm
Open Friday to Sunday, 12noon - 6pm, or by appointment.

In a suite of paintings made specifically for this his third solo show with Studio 1.1, David Ben White continues to re-structure modernism. The overt sensuality of the handling of paint is at the service of a psychic disintegration. An increasingly fragmented world forces us to admit the pathos inherent in every hope after the birth of the atom. The anxiety of separation provokes a breakdown in the storytelling - bedtime is no longer the comfort it was.

There will be two shows and two openings.

The first, 'The Birth of the Atom', looks forward with an unease we're unable to properly formulate, because we're seduced by the beauty of the mushroom cloud over Bikini atoll, and the elan of Bucky FullerÕs geodesic domes promises a protected future. Our knowledge is still at the level where as far as we know (in the '55 film 'Kiss Me Deadly') plutonium can be carried round in a suitcase where it's safe till the moment the lid's lifted.

The second show, 'The Revenge of the Atom', presents a world in which, with a fracturing of time, we are aware of ourselves looking back to that simpler era, with our viewpoint contaminated by hindsight. An imagined future from an un-lived past. David Ben White paints a world on the point of crumbling; systems which wildly over-reach themselves and which can only malfunction.

Studio 1.1

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