‘New Romantic’ – Christopher Campbell

‘New Romantic’
Christopher Campbell
7 – 30 September 2012

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 12noon – 6pm, or by appointment.
Private view: Thursday 6th September, 6 – 9pm.

Christopher Campbell’s ‘New Romantic’ is a series of landscape paintings taking account of art history – from Friedrich and Turner to the Hudson River School, documents of an old landscape being seen anew, disregarded wildernesses transformed at a Romantic stroke into embodiments of the Sublime.

As well as art’s history, though, there’s a keen awareness of its present and more recent past. Abstract elements and graphic motifs intrude, setting up a friction, an irreconcilable dualism of the precisely figurative and the experimental. The aim, in Campbell’s own words, is ‘to create a world that is fantastical, disturbing and somewhat aloof’.

(Christopher Campbell is the winnner of studio1.1′s 2011 Lottery Show.)


For more information or images contact:
Keran James or Michael Keenan on 07952 986 696