An exhibition of young Brazillian artists selected by Marcelo Abuchalla
17 August – 2 September 2012

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 12noon – 6pm, or by appointment.
Private view: Thursday 16th August, 6 – 9pm.

André Prado
Dalmoni Lidijusse
Esther Cervini
Nando Goulart
Francisco Pirola
Juliana Akstein
Roseli Fontanielo
Sheila Cabral
Alessandra Vaz
Cris Valias
Danilo Monaco
Vinicius Figueiredo
Alexandre Santos
Tete Nassif
Felippe Augusto Texeira

While Brazil’s economic status is growing rapidly, the visual arts outside the world-cities of Rio and Sao Paulo has dwindled. There is no Lygia Pape, no longer an Helio Oticica… we have Ernesto Neto but it is Mexico that seems to have the cultural demographic and the system of art education (even if only available to the middle and upper classes) to take the torch for all Latin America. But fashion can be fickle.

There are still art schools, and artists of course trying to find their voice in the vast country of Brazil outside the isolated urban islands that make up the global archipelago that is the Art world’s Micronesia (Manhattan/London/Berlin/ etc etc)  And while it is impossible to claim any all-pervading Brazilian identity within this small selection, what these artists have in common is a wishfullness, a need to believe in the success of their own narrative.

Like most ‘provincial’ art production from anywhere in the world, the impulse to paint, draw, photograph or more rarely to sculpt, is a complex one. The commercial success or otherwise of one’s work cannot be ignored – Art for Art’s sake is the prerogative of the true ‘primitive’ or the privileged ‘sophisticate’ only – those in between have no choice but to earn a living.

But here and there in each of these artists’ work is that irrepressible understanding that art can function beyond these material strictures giving access to a realm of un-forced beauty – a reality that can drive the imagination forward. And that there might even be a happy ending.


For more information or images contact:
Keran James or Michael Keenan on 07952 986 696