A QWERTY art piece often involves a “give and take” situation. The group will, take advantage of mans desire for acquiring material things. The desired object in this case is the new QWERTY book, and the guest has to become the artist, in order to “buy” the book.

Exchange, consumerism and the definition of value has been the recurring subjects of investigation in QWERTYs work.

The method is agile, the artistic result comes together at the end of the show. Each exhibition has a framework within which, the artists can improvise, and react to the local influence, through encounters with the audience.

5 members of the group will be present at studio1.1. Mikkel Larris, Camilla Gaugler, Jens Andersen, Anders Qvist Nielsen and Indigo Richards. Morten Tillitz and John Krogh are also participating with works for the show.

PS. QWERTY is looking forward to meet the London public at our VIP event, only a bit nervous if Herzog Dellafiore should turn up.