QWERTY takeover

Hostages to Fortune

studio1.1 London, Sluice and Marmalade Publishers of Visual Theory are pleased to invite you to the launch of the Spring 2017 issue of the Sluice magazine.

The Danish performance collective QWERTY will be taking hostage of the entire print run prior to the launch, returning the magazines to SLUICE only at the launch itself at studio 1.1 on Wednesday 17th May.

“We plan to take the spring 2017 issue of Sluice magazine hostage. Sluice has voluntarily (?) surrendered every copy for us to keep for 16 hours before the magazine will hit the public. We have made no guarantees to the publishers other than releasing the copies after “use”. At this time nobody knows what will happen to the magazine, but holding a copy afterwards, it will be obvious to you, that QWERTY was there…”

video link here