Anna Boggon ~ 3 june - 3 july 2005
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Anna Boggon is exhibiting new small-scale works, including sculpture, mixed media and drawing. Some of the works shown are pieces that could easily remain in the studio: whether a gesture, a maquette or a halfway house to the next idea. The works are experimental. Objects and toys are transformed, added to and reinterpreted. Glossy magazines are literally given new dimensions, layered into pop up books with cut outs, inlays and paint. They play on states of mind and flip between something light-hearted and something else we might prefer not to think about.

Some of the most recent works are influenced by a trip to Palestine (organised by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and supported by The British Council). There, ideas conceived at one remove are vitally changed when confronted by reality.

Recent shows include, “Put em up” at The Laura Bartlett Gallery, November 2004, “Tempered Ground” at the Museum of Garden History, July 2004.
Currently exhibiting in “All for Show”, touring the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.
Anna has been awarded the British Council Artist Link China Residency 2005-2006.

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