PADDY GOULD and ROXY TOPIA in ’30 Artists 30 Days’

‘Hubba Hubba’ is the first little gush of a new body of work about the maintaining of desire in a longterm relationship.  The sculptures, drawings and sounds of Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould cook-up a mating ritual-cum-exploration into sexuality, creativity and the icons created in the objectification of sensations.

Intoxication of romance cum romance of intoxication. Existentialism and pheremonology. Distance provides the basis for yearning, may I come inside? Schlonging for the Other. Love hangover. Diary of an ecstatic cilia. The urge to merge. Bungle beaver bung hole fever. Love and lust in the contemporary symbiotic parasite relationship. Dream snatcher: primal desires in earthen t-ohhh-nes. Does it rain in your womb?                                                                  Amy Sather Smith

Paddy Gould and Roxy Topia are Lovers and Collaborative Artists based in London.