LIAM O’CONNOR ‘Reco(r)dings’

6 – 29 June 2014


studio1.1 welcomes Liam O’Connor for his first solo show in the gallery. To coincide with the end of his remarkable 3 year period as Artist in Residence at the British Museum, mapping every stage of the construction of the new World Conservation and Exhibition Centre, his show reaches further, out into the city – properly said, the City – to cover his long-term preoccupation with the human traces embedded in the architectural fabric. The recording media extend from film and video, drawing and printing, to photography and text.

Each medium is used pre-eminently as witness to the passing of time, or sometimes to time’s negation in memory: O’Connor’s quasi-archaeological analyses of London’s changing face, sometimes taking place over years, sometimes within the blink of an eye. A compulsive taxonomy is in progress, an amassing of evidence as a series of listings, either collating fragments of the lived city to show its present as an accumulation of its pasts, or assembling brief moments of the here and now to unite a diversity of urban spaces.
The city imprints itself on the world and O’Connor brings it to the surface while time is bent on constantly erasing it. A narrative we all live within.

Liam O’Connor graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2006. He lives and works in London.