JAY CLOTH ‘A Fair Affair’

7 June – 1 July

Playing with us? Of course, that’s what collagists do, and in these new collages, Jay Cloth is taking aim at our expectations, and toying with our reflections. All too often collage just jolts us, taking apart the world and putting it back together in ways that defiantly don’t fit. In Jay Cloth’s hands the harder we look, the more we’re likely to find out about ourselves.  (‘Isn’t it nice to know a lot – and a little bit not.’)

So does desire come into it? And if it does, desire for what? Maybe the chorus of ‘Love Birds’ (at the mere sight of them we can hear their Disney chirruping, saccharine and catchy as sin) have an ambivalent attitude to this ambiguous figure – but as for ‘Big Bad Wolf’ there may well be drooling going on, but it’s most likely in anticipation of a tasty slice from this prime specimen of homo (semi)-sapiens. Though the cute little pigs don’t have much of a chance given the Big Bad Wolf’s size, pre-eminent position and unmistakeable intentions.


We are also lucky enough to have had Jay make a limited edition A5 card (‘Love Birds’ below) which also serves as the ticket for our annual fund-raiser – our tenth annual LOTTERY SHOW!

The lucky winner (to be picked out of the proverbial hat) will be given the gallery for 4 weeks to do what they like with in 2019! The prints cost £10 per ticket and are strictly limited to 250 – still the best odds in the art world.

For more information or to buy ‘Love Birds’ please click on this link  

(installation photos by Peter Robertshaw with thanks)