GILL ORD in ’30 Artsts 30 Days’

Inspired by the madness of 30 artists 30 days, I decided to make the work for my one day show in one day.

I painted on East Head in West Sussex, one of the fastest moving sand and shingle spits in the U.K. I worked from 7am until 7pm from a vantage point in the dunes, I alternated between the creek and the view across to Hayling Island. I witnessed the constant change as the tide came in and out, it was an exhilarating experience. It was also somehow as if time slowed down as I looked and worked, my brother and his family bringing me supplies, food, drinks and words of encouragement.

I was kept company some of the time by my nephew Charlie Ord ( age 11) also a keen painter, I thank him and Andrew, Sarah, Oliver and Billy.