DAVID SMALL in ’30 Artists 30 Days’

‘Kinda Nocturna’

Strategies, strategies, strategies. How on earth am I supposed to
make these blasted things without thinking about the night sky? Though
I can’t even see the night sky from my studio. Well, in case of
absence always rely upon the gut-twitching buzz of conjuring. A pound
shop army of oil-smeared plastic cups (to be binned), one or two
brushes out of place. With all said and done one keeps a pretty neat
workspace. And there is always a point at which the photographer next
door stops flashing. 7 bits of wood. No, 8. Some gesso, and a mound of
chalk. Scaly kettle and scaly cup. Close colours that hum and don’t
shout. (If I still smoked I could declamp the window pane and dodge
the fire alarm.) All is here. Especially my stereo. With not a fleck
on it’s shiny hub. David