DARRAN LEAF in ’30 Artists 30 Days’

“I could feel the blood bulging in my veins; it felt like my head was going to explode, the pain was just incredible. As I pulled myself up I could feel the presence of someone, the old woman in the painting on the wall was smiling at me. I remember seeing and feeling the presence of my deceased father and brother. My father was standing closest to me, and then suddenly the pain evaporated and I was left with a feeling I’ve never experienced before – a beautiful utopia. All my problems disappeared, and although I knew this was going to be my last night on Earth, I felt like I was falling in love again.”

Before our very eyes a narrative borne from personal experience – a modern day cabaret of death and reconciliation, the audience unwitting voyeurs to this black comedy of winsome tales, swept along by fascination, intrigue and a little trepidation.