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Members’ Show 2014 deadline for submissions

Join now (limited places) and submit work for our Annual Members’ Show (‘Yhis Year’s Model ’14) – deadline 15 December.

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John Hughes banner ‘Never on our knees…’

studio1.1 artist in residence John Hughes unfurled his new Jubilee South RMT banner (made by celebrated Trade Ubion banner-maker Ed Hall) as part of his on-going ‘Lamping out the Trains’ project…

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ALICE PEILLON ‘Myriad’ tonight 6 – 9pm

Last year’s Lottery Show draw winner. Alice Peillon, opens her 4 week show tonight! (Proving our point that there’s so much brilliant work out there un-tapped by the usual channels of who you know and how’s your father!)

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‘This Year’s Model’ 2014 call for submissions

All members of studio1.1 are invited to submit work for our annual Members’ Show. Work is invited in any medium or discipline. Please send us 3 jpegs of recent work you’d like to be selected for inclusion in ‘This Year’s … Continue Reading

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