Terry Smith ~ 9 july to 8 august 2004
studio 1.1
london e2

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Issue 66

Exhibitions are getting longer and longer, the traditional four week period has graduallyextended to six, and even eight,and sometimes, especially insummer, to three months or more. Terry Smith has astutely moved in the opposite direction; mounting an entirely new exhibition every week, for five consecutive weeks, at Studio 1.1. The seemingly different exhibitions at this small but important space on the cusp of the East End, just before it crashes into the City at Liverpool Street, were titled after their general subject, '1.1 Stealth', '1.2 Hung ,Drawn and Quartered', '1.3 Recycle', '1.4 Lightfast', and finally '1.5 Grand Central', a new edit of his acclaimed film which was shown independently at the 2002 Venice Biennale.

Smith is an important British artist, one, like Amikam Toren, who, perhaps because of his age, his conceptual and intellectual rigour and his often ephemeral working practice, has often been ignored - to their shame - both by the art establishment and the critical community.

Richard Dyer
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