Terry Smith ~ 9 july to 8 august 2004
studio 1.1
london e2

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  One thing leads to another

Five shows (five private views).

1.1 Stealth

Fri 9th July to Sun 11th July

Called away at short notice, Terry Smith’s working process of improvisation and invention is more than usually affected by circumstance in this first of five new shows. Projects in embryo are put on hold. Work already made is re-evaluated in the context of new pieces, all serving as totems that witness his existence and question with us the bare facts of our place in the world.

Stages in life mirror stages in work, in a series of almost filmic episodes (Brakhage’s ‘Little Stabs at Happiness’ comes to mind). Autobiography melts into fiction and vice versa as with time our sense of self changes. And here Smith presents us with what might be termed a group self-portrait - the artist as a plank of wood, a bottle of Becks (in his youth) - and even further back as the chrome-plated coupling of mother and child. Full circle: the latest piece in the show ‘Looking Through My Father’s Eyes’ movingly (because almost casually) asks us once again where we stand in the world and how we recognise ourselves within it.

What might start off as a retrospective involves us in speculation about what may be to come. We will arrive at a true picture of the world by stealth.

"These are the spells by which to reassume An empire o’er the disentangled doom."
‘Prometheus Unbound’, Shelley

Studio 1.1

1.2 Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Fri 16th July to Sun 18th July

1.3 Recycle

Fri 23rd July to Sun 25th July

1.4 Lightfast

Fri 30th July to Sun 1st Aug

1.5 Grand Central

Fri 6th Aug to Sun 8th Aug

A brand new version of his acclaimed film piece "Grand Central'. Plus curious other interventions.