Carrie Yamaoka ~ 21 may to 27 june 2004
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Made from resin poured, not painted, over reflective mylar, New York artist Carrie Yamaoka's paintings immediately announce their materiality, while at the same time confounding ours. For within their imperfect mirrors we catch ourselves transformed in distortions which, (unbidden but accepted with ascetic rigour), are caused by the process itself, as layers of resin thicken and coalesce.

Far more than in any fairground mirror the spectator is enveloped, folded into the new space that surrounds us, moments re-liquified, pooling and expanding upon the now solid surface.

Every decision that can be, is made prior to each piece's creation - size, colour, transparency. Everything that can be is predicted and then control relinquished - in order that the painting reveal itself to us even as we are revealed within it. A generous parallelism, as each bright, empty space is marked out for the viewer's arrival.

"You could say that the viewer becomes the subject. The viewer makes and re-makes the picture(s) from the conditions that I've set up. I'm more interested in the way we see things than in the things that are seen."

Carrie Yamaoka has shown extensively in the U.S.A. and has just had a solo show at Aeroplastics Contemporary in Brussels and is showing concurrently at Debs & Co, New York. This is her first solo London show.

Studio 1.1