Binary Membrane ~ 25 - 30 january 2011
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  David Willis and Alessandro Servini

Open Tuesday to Sunday, 12noon - 6pm, or by appointment.

Private view: Thursday 27th January, 6 - 9pm

Painters Servini and Willis collaborate to create a body of work that embraces the self–annihilating process inherent in dual authorship. Derived from ‘Ouroboros’; the serpent eating its own tail. It refers to self-reflexivity or the cyclical nature of something recreating itself or beginning anew once it has ended.

Two divergent painting practices thus converge to produce work dealing with the spaces of uncertainty. Willis’ practice uses violent expression, contorted figures and oblique text. Servini takes images remediated through many filters of context until meaning is lost, only to be reapplied through its distilled recreation. Together they take their dual themes of construction and destruction and with them create, erase, fold and reveal spaces that attach and lose subjective value. Each painting is thereby emptied of referents until its existence relies solely on the history of its own creation.

What is involved is something akin to Jung’s idea of the assimilation of the opposite. A duality is generated that involves two masses sharing a common ground, both attempting to exist within the same physical space and therefore tearing away at the plausibility of this fact and imploding, generating a new place from which to begin again.


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