David Ben White ~ 27 october to 26 november 2006
studio 1.1
london e2

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  Fantastical Lies; Supreme Truths

After exhibiting with us with great success at this year's Zooartfair, David Ben White gives us his first solo show since graduating from Central St Martin's this Summer, when his work was bought both by private collectors and by the college itself.

Strange things are happening In his paintings. Artfully modelled pigeons, (sardonic, poignant understudies for Everyman) are encumbered with sinister pieces of equipment we can almost identify; clearly, unpleasant medical interventions are imminent. Objects we take for granted are in the process of mutating: knickerbockerglories from a more innocent era melt, absorbed into some lo-fi sci-fi project. They are equipped with space helmets and random metal paraphernalia, sprouting what look dangerously like eyeballs. Wigs are planted recklessly, joyously and pitifully upon figures who throw back our anthropomorphism with careless grace. While blank-faced human prototypes believe themselves into a substitute beauty.

As we grow out of innocence our once certain cognitive systems begin to unravel, becoming more 'sophisticated' until we realise the duplicity and falsehood that constitutes the adult experience. And nothing quite tastes the same.

"In my work I attempt to forge a dichotomy between the paintings' initial humorous appearance and the subject matter's loaded references. In the context of this show, they inhabit a state of anxiety, attached to a child's eye view of an adult's world. The title's rhetoric of certainty connects itself to an innate contradiction, heightening the sense of an unreal state of being." David Ben White

Studio 1.1

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