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  Braziers International Artists' Workshop show

Braziers International Artists' Workshop has for the last nine years invited artists from all over the world to its Oxfordshire residency to make work that is removed both conceptually and practically from usual studio practice.

This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to see the results of that intensive working period as well as a rare glimpse into the thought processes of the artists involved.

A wealth of creativity proving not just the need but the possibility of artistic dialogue between cultures and communities, societies and nations that the world of politics and/or global economics seems intent on dividing.

This year's represented artists are:

Tanya Abadjieva - Bulgaria
Mohammed Al Hawajri - Palestine
Tamara Al Samerraei - Lebanon
Marcelo Brantes - Brazil
Tom Chamberlain - UK
Baba Jakeh Chande - Zambia
Ann Course - UK
Apurva Desai - India
Yingmei Duan - China
Adam Gillan - UK
Clare Goodwin - UK
Nicola Gray - UK
Andy Harper - UK
Jaroslav Hubloj - Poland
Raed Issa - Palestine
Keran James - UK
Max Mason- UK
Coster Mkoki - Zimbabwe
Bernadette Moloney - UK
Justus Kyalo Mutisya - Kenya
Vukasin Nedeljkovic - Serbia
Vanessa O'Reilly - Eire/UK
Laima Puntule - Latvia
Dai Roberts - UK
Marjolaine Ryley - UK
Azat Sargsyan - Armenia
Pan Sheau Shei - Taiwan
Jo Stockham - UK
Adele Todd - Trinidad
Mariana Viegas - Portugal
Kay Walsh - New Zealand/UK
Jay Wilson - Canada
Iliko Zautashvili - Georgia

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