Jordan McKenzie ~ 18 march to 17 april 2005
studio 1.1
london e2

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  Untitled (Palimpsest)

'Palimpsest' is a set of new works by Jordan Mckenzie that question the relationship of drawing to performance. Mckenzie's practice over the last five years has examined drawing as a performative act, exploring the ways in which mark making describes the architectonics of the body and the space it occupies.

Recent work has involved revisiting art history, specifically Minimalism, in order to evaluate its relationship to the body-object. 'Palimpsest' uses as a starting point 'Art and Objecthood' an essay by Michael Fried which offers a critique of Minimalism and its 'theatrical' and 'literalist' tendencies, attacking it for not conforming to the fullness and presence of Modernist art. Mckenzie takes Fried's essay and painstakingly copies each chapter by hand on to a single page, finally arranging them into a formal pattern. This process is not only a way of looking at the relationship between thinking and writing but, defying comprehension by being literally unreadable, they yet embody a response to Fried's critique, rendering the essay itself at once theatrical and performative.

Mckenzie works with performance, drawing and installation and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Studio 1.1