Grotto ~ 8 december 2006 to 14 january 2007
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london e2

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studio 1.1 is presenting a group show (one hundred artists and counting) - GROTTO - which takes Christmas by the throat and wrings the last drop of commercial art from it.

In an anti-curatorial experiment we are planning a hang of anything up to 200 works that, regardless of size, will also pay scant regard to whatever hangs or stands beside them. We are hanging the show 'blind'. There is no privileged position: - what you see is what we got.

Is the work or your stomach strong enough?
Do the artists dare? How dare we?

We will include video, sculpture, painting, installation, whatever you can think of on the grounds that it brooks all and every 'interference'.
Where did this notion of interference come from? Was it in any case an arrogance of cold war CIA -fuelled self-expressionists (God Bless 'em)? Hasn't it out-lived its usefulness? Or has it been relaunched, rebranded quite perversely as intertextualism (sic)? Playing its part in accelerating the decay of magic and the rise of the pointlessly grotesque? Post-post modern, post ironic, post everything, in fact lost in the Christmas post...


- I bring a message from your master Marcus Licinius Crassus,
- Commander of ltaly.  
- Your lives are to be spared.
- Slaves you were...and slaves you remain.
- But the terrible penalty of crucifixion has been set aside...
- on the single condition that you identify the body...
- or the living person of the slave called 'Grotto Artist'.

- I'm Grotto Artist!

- I'm Grotto Artist!
- I'm Grotto Artist!
- I'm Grotto Artist!

- Forgive me, Your Nobility. There's an ugly rumour going round the
- camp that the prisoners are to be crucifiied.
- That is true.
- Perhaps this is the moment to remind Your Highness that yesterday
- you promised me I could be the agent in their auctioning.  
- Last night you promised Grotto Artist to me! Where is he? In return,
- I promised you the sale of the survivors... and there will be none!

Wendy Anderson       Chris Gomersall       Jonathan Parsons
Craig Andrews       Clare Goodwin       Eduardo Padilha
Helene Appel       Nicola Gray       Eddie Peake
Riccardo Arena       Sarah Grainger-Jones       Fabian Peake
Rafat Asad       Danny Greaney       Lyle Perkins
Oliver Bancroft       Simon Greenacre       David Porter
Phyllida Barlow       Oona Grimes       Kristin Posehn
Mike Bartlett       Sharon Hall       Henrik Potter
Richard Bateman       Ramin Haerizadeh       Sacha Powell
Amanda Benson       Paul Harper       Jennifer Raingold
Vanessa Billy       Stephen Harwood       Simon Rattigan
Gary Blakemore       Russell Herron       Dai Roberts
Katrina Blannin       Justin Hibbs       Anne Robinson
Anna Boggon       John Hollingsworth       Ruth Rogers
Christopher Bond       Jefford Horrigan       Robert Rush
Alex Bowen       Alex Hudson       Rafael Sanchez
Peter Busk       Vanessa Jackson       David Small
Tom Chamberlain       Fiona James       Terry Smith
Simon Christopher       Keran James       Will Stein
Ed Clive       Alison Jones       Nicholas Stewart
Jay Cloth       Kiran Kaur       Kate Street
Andy Cohen       Maisie Kendall       Lars Sture
Louise Colbourne       Annie Kevans       John Summers
Marcus Cope       Sara Leigh Lewis       Damian Swarbrick
Patrick Coyle       Caroline List       Chooc Ly Tan
Will Cruickshank       Ted Litchfield       Lynton Talbot
Nick Davies       Richard Livingston       Hannah Terry
Tracy Davis       Simon Logan       Charlotte Thrane
Nick Dawes       Cathy Lomax       John Tiney
Julia Defferary       Kate Lyddon       David Treloar
Annabelle Dodds       Girolamo Marri       Emily Trotter
John Dougill       Jordan McKenzie       Anne Urquhart
Richard Ducker       Ron Meerbeek       Goya y Lucientes
Jason Dungan       Bernadette Moloney       Laura White
Ralph Dunn       Stephanie Moran       Munir Waked
Andrew Ekins       Simon Morse       Roxy Walsh
Ed Fellows       Liz Murray       Felicity Warbrick
Kim Fox       J A Nicholls       Joseph Watling
Nick Fox       Fay Nicolson       Rosie West
Patrick Galway       Lena Nix       Laura White
Paul Gillespie       Gill Ord       David Ben White
Denis Glaser       Mark Owen       Maria Zahle
Kirsten Glass       Tom Owen       We are all Grotto Artists

Studio 1.1

For more information or images contact:
Michael Keenan on 07952 986 696