Chris Dobrowolski ~ 24 february to 26 march 2006
studio 1.1
london e2

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In a great deal of his previous work, Chris Dobrowolski has been dealing with history. Household appliances, often themselves junk-shop antiques, have been side-tracked, perverted into memory-machines. A fridge stands with a gutted tv on top of it, connected by extractor-fan tubing. Open the fridge door (of course it’s empty) and the tv spurts into life. Literally. Inside the screen a snowstorm envelops the toytown figures, while, dimly heard on the lowest-fi vinyl, military music plays Soviet marching songs. Through a sleight of hand, familiar objects are lightly, playfully transformed, and the mini-drama that results is one that keeps its charm despite the looming presence of its connotations: a melancholy deeply undercut by menace.

In his present show at studio1.1 the mood has switched focus. Inside a series of wall-mounted crates there are similar settings, the same mannikins in the same painted scenery, but the sinister aspect has been twisted directly back on itself. The toys that jolt into life, the machines with a will of their own, are targeting the art market they exist inside.

To know how it feels to be yelled at by the driver of a Matchbox car, be the butt of an artist 2cm tall desperate to offload his paintings, start here. Press the button now.

In association with University of Essex Gallery.

Studio 1.1

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