THIS YEAR’S MODEL 2019 (part II)

THIS YEAR’S MODEL 2019 ‘Re-purpose Reverse’
(private view Thursday 7 March 6 – 9 pm)

The artists chosen for ‘This Year’s Model’ 2019 part II are, in no particular order…

Paul Cole, Paige Perkins, Anna Courcha, Sacha Meaden, Henry Ward, Etienne de Villiers, John Patrick Hughes, Matthias Neumann, Ute Kreyman, Playpaint, Aindreas Scholz, Cool Diabang, William Wright, Eugenia Cuellar, Peter Sylveire, Peter Roseman, Sally Barker, Andrew Ekins, Graham Carrick, Dan Davis, Tamsin Morse

We’ve quoted Alice in Wonderland before – ‘All have won, and all shall have prizes’. Once again, unfortunately not. The gallery is too small to hold all the work we’d have liked to show from as we expected a particularly impressive submission. After a spectacularly foolish public vote in the recent past (it should obviously have been Faye and Giovanni. A second vote soon, please!) it’s very clear that not every decision made can be the right one.

It’s in that spirit that we offer our selection of our annual members’ shows This Year’s Model I and II. We have done our best to make each show a cohesive experience, and that work was not chosen is no reflection on its interest or value. There is certainly work not included in these shows whose images we have stored away for future reference. Thank you all for taking part.