SUN MEE KANG no place/good place

no place/ good place

28 June – 2 July

My works are concerned with space. A space is like a canvas to draw on, containing various kinds of stories which can be drawn out. I can find a character in the picture puzzle starting from there, and create a fresh space from the pre-existing space. I do my artwork using very simple lines on empty space with line tapes or computer cutting adhesive vinyl, transforming the space totally. It sometimes gives the viewer the sense of seeing an illusion. This is because the way that I arrange my artwork encourages unusual ways of visual interpretation by the brain. The main subject of my artwork has been the symbiotic connection between plane and space, human being and human being, and nature and everything. In the creation of my work, I make an effort to consider how much the viewers will mentally communicate with each other in a given space. The space could be a logical formula, or a poem with all the implications of its prose. If the viewers can read other than exactly as shown, the space can be where people can communicate in various ways and where they can put their own thoughts into the space.

‘no place/ good place’ – The title of this exhibition refers to a homophone (two meanings) of the word ‘Utopia’