Situation X ~ 4 december 2009 - 3 january 2010
studio 1.1
london e2

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  Richard Bateman, Christopher Bond, Markus Cope,
Keran James, David Micheaud, John Henry Newton,
David Small, Mia Taylor, Elly Thomas

Performance of Aria (John Cage) by Fletcher Boote at the private view.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 12noon - 6pm, or by appointment.
Private view: Thursday 3rd December, 6 - 9pm

'In the beginnning was Debord...'

studio1.1's Xmas extravaganza explores Situationism in we hope a suitably random way. We're well aware that there can't be Situationist art as such, it's a contradiction in terms. We know too that, in Blake's ultra-visionary foreshadowing of Hegel ('without contraries there's no progression'), without contradictions there is just no dialectic.

And in the years since the Situationists sought to define themselves and increasingly what and who they were NOT, there can't be a single artist who however mistakenly hasn't felt a Situationist sciatic twinge. (to further mis-quote, this time a fictional character '...only the 'Situation' has grown small')

Straddling the New Year we bring together just for Christmas (not for life) a group of artists who can be defined at the very least as 'not NOT Situationist'.