‘The Witching Hour’

25 October – 18 November

with private view on Thursday 1 November 6 – 9 pm

N.B. there will be performances at the private view and

Sunday 4th from  2 – 3 pm

Saturday 10th from 2 – 3 pm

Sunday 18th from 2 – 4 pm

The Witching Hour – a time of transition, when things go awry and the uncanny comes out to play. The point between sleeping and waking: when the mind can be tricked, when the vividness of dreams seeps into the conscious world and entwines with the unconscious, making reality seem out of kilter.

The artists share an interest in psychoanalysis and the occult. A dualistic shifting unconscious informs their use of cyclical repetition, whereby performative actions and personal ritual bring on transformation, both of objects and self.

The embedded, perceived histories of objects are used to create new mythologies. Domestic everyday objects are brought into the gallery space and used in performances and installations, dislocating their functionality. They become transitional; waiting for circumstance, chance and coincidence to determine their fate.

The show will feature new sculptural, installation and 2D works, with a series of live performances in which ritual actions change the space, and new works come into being as the exhibition progresses.