Project LALO

‘Hello L.A.’

5 – 23 March 2014


“Artists make art, and galleries exhibit art, but what of the Artist-run-space? Spanning two cities and a large body of water, Project LALO explores the inner worlds of 13 artist run spaces in London and Los Angeles.

Project LALO will present six exhibitions in London (March 2014) and six exhibitions in Los Angeles (April 2014) showcasing a deep cross section of current practice from their reciprocal spaces.

Each space will present a curated exhibition comprising both visiting artists and their ‘local’ or represented artists, with an emphasis to include work by those who run the spaces.”

studio1.1′s partners in L.A. Monte Vista, have invited artists who’ve worked with them and/or whom they’ve been inspired by to create and send a greeting (or show of solidarity) to Studio 1.1 and its artists in the form of postcards, which should arrive stamped from Los Angeles.

studio1.1 will be sending Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould to L.A. – Roxy and Paddy will also simultaneously be showing work here in London – two parallel dialogues between artists, time and space…

We welcome from L.A.

Allison Behrstock
Juliette Bellocq
Monique Prieto
Finishing School
Nancy Popp
Stacy Elaine Dacheux
Tyler Calkin
David Earle
Alison O’Daniel
Alexandra Grant
Sarah Bradham
Jade Thacker
Katie Herzog
Kio Griffith
Ben Lord
Jay Lizo
Candice Lin
Lara Bank
Colin Roberts
Kristi Engle
Brian Mallman
Amy Maloof
Peter Ortel
Kiki Johnson
Cindy Rehm
Bang Guel Han
Josh Atlas
Ben Rosenthal
Michelle Rozic
Tiffany Sum
Steven Pedersen
Chris Kardambikis
Danielle Sommer
John Burtle

Dear London,
A postcard can be a blank canvas; an auratic object to which one adds his or her own hand; a two-dimensional representation of complicated social networks; a mass-produced item presenting generic stereotypes of certain places and people; or a simple invitation to share a friend’s experience. Postcards suggest nostalgia, vulnerability, commercialism, colonialism . . . they mean everything from “I miss you” to “I feel obligated to reach out to you but don’t have anything meaningful to say.” 
The 33 artists in this show represent 33 unique relationships to the form of the postcard. We think that’s fitting, since they also have 33 unique relationships to art, to the city of Los Angeles, and to the art of correspondence across continents.

Thinking of you,
Monte Vista Projects