PATRICK GALWAY in ’30 Artists in 30 Days’

30 paintings for 30 artists for 30 days, a little like the Olympics, an inefficient event that causes a financial burden for those involved. Pointless misery for years to come but diverting fun all the same.  If a painting depicts a person smiling does this make it a happy picture?

Rooms with rows of rectangles of bleak beauty, relationships conflate here and now, able to combine then disperse. Surface arrangements on mostly small paintings the size of the head, the limbs, the abdomen.  Recognisable subject matter and imagery, broken chairs, external views from inside, attempts at communication, crude binary, cognitive acts, contrasts and reduction, shadowy portals, mind over matter, the sky up above, the ground down below.  Ambiguous thoughts and feelings taking shape as thirty paintings of fragmentary form and inconsistent style.

Patrick Galway is based in Portsmouth.  Last year his work was included in the Marmite Prize for Painting at The Nunnery and Done Paint Done at Drawers Gallery, London.  Occasional contributions can be found in Arty.