Matthew Stock

Perplications 2


 “The first route is the most important, the decisions that I make about my walking direction, pathways and stopping points will all have to be noted and catalogued for later repetition. It’s the repetition of this walk through the site over and over again that will enable this artwork that I am in the process of creating.

This crowded corner means that I will have to stop and wait; this is a good time for me to mentally re-walk my entrance through the first two rooms.  I find myself in a state of hypnosis, I see neither the artworks, the artist or the spectators, I see just objects in space that I will re-appropriate much later in my studio. The partially concealed audio device can be noticed by those that want to look; but this is unimportant and insignificant over shadowed by the greater impact that my talk has over the attending audience; who are a subservient community emancipated by one of arts most sincere of spectacles”.

Perplications 2 July 2012 duration 40 mins


Keh Ng       

Aurora 2011


There is a distinct possibility that the urban myth is the only true reflection of our times, that perhaps what seems too surreal to be real… can only possibly be real. Should we be suspicious of the values that are placed on things we have only ever heard about and not actually seen?

“Aurora 2011” is a piece that was made while in Reykjavik whilst on a tour bus in search of the Northern lights. The duration of the film is 4:58.

The Modern Language Experiment is an artist run project led by Matthew Stock and Keh Ng.